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Women Self Defence -
Project Launch

The Women Safety Awareness Project , supported by City of Melbourne, produced by Wesa Chau of Leadership, Education, Advancement for Asian Australians, partnered by Anne Pang Self Defence is officially launched 11th July.

The launch event was held at the Nurses Memorial Centre, an organisation honouring the contribution and sacrifices our nurses made in the second world war.

A set of 25 short videos on how to increase your situational awareness, verbal tactics and confident body language is being released on social media across Melbourne, Australia.

These short videos are a tribute to all the women who shared their stories with us over the past 30 years as many of these videos are based on tactics and strategies that they used to get themselves out of trouble. We pay our respect to the women who survived the ordeal and live courageously to tell their tales, so that we can learn how to better protect ourselves in these situations.

The messages from these videos on how to develop tools and skills on early detection and prevention of danger are also endorsed by Janie Lambert from Crime Prevention Bureau Victoria Police.

The night became more interesting with a demonstration by Anne Pang Self Defence and male students from Barry Pang Kung Fu on strategies to confront potentially dangerous situations and physical defences against common attacks faced by women.

These videos are all to share, we encourage you to download it here

You can share them with your communities, families and organisations anywhere, everywhere! The more women can be empowered, the stronger we are as a community and the better our lives.

If you require the videos in other languages or further physical training, please contact us on