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Anne Pang Self Defence Philosophy

We adopt a holistic approach to our art of self defence. Its not just the physical body which takes dominance over the intangible mind; its not corporal prowess or strength taking precedence over the strategic thinking or mindfulness. It’s the balance and interchanging reality between mind and body that embodies our art of self-defence.

The duality of life reflected in the philosophy of Yin and Yang perfectly encapsulates the philosophy of our self defence system. Yin and Yang: night and day, soft and hard, water and fire, in terms of self-defence, mind and body.

Mind and body are interdependent and complimentary, the transformation from one to the other is in constant flux and the relationship is symbiotic.

In terms of our self-defence, we need to combine mind and body in a fluid and interchangeable way. We need to be fully aware of our surroundings and be totally alert to avoid the potentially dangerous situations in the first place. 

The awareness and mindfulness (Mind) is our first line of defence : to detect danger, set boundaries and use necessary strategies. 

The physical defence (Body) is the second line of defence, which will utilize the co-ordination, agility, and speed of our body to fight off the attackers. 

The confidence born out of the physical training (Body) will in term invigorate us and give us renewed confidence so we can think more clearly and confidently (Mind) under pressure. Hence the interaction and interdependence relationship between mind and body is clearly evident and essential for the prevention of emotional and physical violence.

Holistic: an intricate blend of body and mind: strength and awareness, power and confidence, techniques and strategies, is imperative.

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Have confidence, sense of empowerment and respect for self and others