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About Us

We are an organisation that has been helping women to empower themselves in the past 30 years. Founded by Anne Pang in 1990, we teach:

  • Physical Techniques

    To strengthen the body.

  • Mental Strategies

    To prevent danger.

  • Self Care

    To heal the wounded spirit.

Together, the self-strengthening will transform the mind and body and bring out the inner warrior inside of you!

Anne Pang group picture with students

We are a not-for-profit Social Enterprise. This is a new concept in businesses globally and for sustainability and compassion reasons, we believe this is the best model for our work.

This means we will teach disadvantaged women free of charge and we will still charge a reasonable fee for others to fund our work. For example, we have taught

This will enable the women who need it the most to access the training without the financial burden and if you can help out, please contact us here.

In the past 30 years, we have worked extensively with major Universities, local governments, Private and Public Schools, women groups, community groups across Victoria. We are partnering with:

  • City of Melbourne
  • Sisterworks
  • Victoria University
  • Barry Pang Kung Fu Schools
  • Snap Fitness Dandenong
  • Leadership Education Advancement Development of Asian Australians (LEADAA)
  • Presbyterian Ladies College
  • Fitted for Work