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Dearest Anne, Thank you so much for everything. This course has been all I expected much more. It was undoubtedly the best short course I have ever participated in. I'm so pleased with the feeling of confidence and pure accomplishment. I am taking you with me you are an absolute inspiration to us all. Take Care. Thank you.


Anne, thank you for all the work and time you put into helping us see ourselves in a different, new and more positive light. I really appreciate the way you kept up with us as individuals. Thank you a huge heap, God Bless.

Joanna Mathew

Dear Anne, You have inspired me beyond what you'll ever know. You have a very special gift from God which you have shared with us all. Thank you so much Anne, my prayers continue for your good work


Dear Anne, Thanks for running this course. It is a great reminder that we have all the strength, power and awareness we need, thanks for spending your time with us.

I've really enjoy the class it was warm and fun. I hope to see you again soon.

Alison Burns

Dear Anne, Thank you very much. You really are an outstanding teacher. I've really enjoyed the classes and gained a lot from your wisdom and positive atmosphere and altitude. I look forward to continue learning Kung-Fu and seeing you in the future.


Dear Anne, It's been a wonderful experience learning form you. It's been a very long time in my life that I've had a teacher who has improved and motivated me. And believe me these qualities are exceptionally rare!!

I've love every moment in your class, your dedication determination & discipline are evident. I suppose it's the qualities that I love the best in a friend & teacher.

Thank you for re-lighting my hope in learning & for actually enjoying class. Lots of love now and always.


Dear Anne, Thank you for your patience and understanding in teaching me, putting up with me and answering all my " I tried this move with my boyfriend... and what should I do.. ?" questions...

Most of all, thank you for introducing me to the "soft" side of martial arts. Now I know now that I don't have to be tough to stay confident.

Thank you...


Dearest Anne, Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, a true great inspiration.

I heard so much about you, before I started these classes, even I held a great admiration and respect of you.

This course has made me feel much better about myself and knowing that I will be able to protect myself  has given a greater peace of mind. Keep Smiling Always.


 Dearest Beautiful Anne ,Keep up the fantastic work .Because I'm sure there's many women out there who need an idol like you & your inspiration, motivation, thoughtfulness & your wonderful smile. I really will miss you but I will always treasure what you have taught me.

I love you with my heart.


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