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What is Self Defence?

The main objective of the our training is to cultivate in the individual the mental awareness and the effective and practical techniques of self defence in order to develop a sense of empowerment and confidence.

The responsibility of violence always lies in the hands of the perpetrator. Learning Self-defence is bringing out the inner strength you already have and allowing that to transform yourself into a more assertive and confident self.

We take a holistic approach to Self Defence, it is a synergy between mind and body.

The 1st line of defence is your MINDSET

To recognize your rights to be safe and stand up for that right, have the mental awareness to detect discomfort and danger, set the boundaries, use mental strategies to deliver a strong message that you are not vulnerable and avoid the potential danger.


The 2nd line of defence is your PHYSICAL RESPONSE

Use your voice to deter the assailant and attract attention, then use the few and well selected effective techniques of self defence; this is the last resort. These techniques are taken from the only style of martial arts invented by a woman in China hundreds of years ago – Wing Chun. They are extremely suitable for people of smaller and weaker stature, as the techniques do not depend on physical strength but on co-ordination and relaxation to generate power.

The physical techniques will give you new confidence in yourself which in term generates more power and chance for the first line of defence; a stronger mindset. A more confident self will then learn the physical techniques quicker and easier. The symbiotic relationship between the two is crystal clear and a natural progression of the self.

Learn Practical and Effective Self Defence Techniques

Have confidence, sense of empowerment and respect for self and others