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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer
Women Self Defence

Learning the physical skills and mental preparedness to empower yourself & other women

During our interactive Train the Trainer Course you will learn proficient women’s self defence techniques, mental self awareness and the coaching skills to become a Women’s Self Defence Instructor whilst having fun.

This exceptional opportunity to be training with other like-minded women who share the same vision to empower vulnerable communities is the first of its kind offered by a University in Australia. In light of the rising gender based violence against women around the world, this Train the Trainer Course in Women’s Self Defence could not have come at a more appropriate time!

We are seeking people who have physical education, gym or martial arts qualifications and teaching experience (optional) to become one of our trainers. More importantly, the participants must have the vision, compassion and strong desire to equip other women with the physical techniques and mental preparedness to become more confident in their day-to-day living; it’s this mission to empower self and others that will bring true meaning to this program.

This Train the Trainer Course is designed, developed and instructed by Dr Anne Pang, organised by Victoria University and supported by Cultural Intelligence Pty Ltd.

The course aims to help women to develop a high level of physical competence in dealing with common attacks confronting women and the necessary strategies to diffuse potentially dangerous situations.

This program is fully sponsored by Victoria University and there is no charge to the students.

  1. Attend a Welcome Dinner to meet and greet the course organisers and fellow participants

  2. Completing a full 20-hours ‘Women’s Self Defence training course’ which includes specialised lessons on Train the Trainer.

  3. Assisting to run one ‘Women’s Self Defence training course’ as an assistant instructor to Anne Pang.

  4. 30 hours (over 22 weeks) of supplementary Train the Trainer workshops and upskilling classes. This will include attending classes with senior Kung Fu students.

  1. Be an Australia citizen/permanent resident/international student.
  2. Have the commitment and motivation to empower and help other women.
  3. Have excellent people skills and ability to communicate with women and engage with the group of diverse backgrounds.
  4. Either martial arts, gym, or other sporting activity training, or teaching experience and/or qualification.
  5. Have a commitment to run the Women Self Defence classes in the future
  6. Have a commitment and passion for community work.
  7. Be over 18 years old.
  8. Be punctual and committed to attend and complete the training program.
  9. Be at ease with public speaking and voice projection.
  10. Be prepared to work within the Anne Pang Self Defence system.
  11. Be able to attend a Meet and Greet Dinner on Wednesday one week before the start of the Train the Trainer Course.
  12. Be able to attend 3 ½ Saturdays in June/July as the first part of the Train the Trainer Course whilst being filmed at Footscray campus, Victoria University.
  13. Be able to attend the second part of the training Course for 20 hours as an assistant instructor.
  14. Be able to complete part three of the Course for 30 hours of further training in self defence with senior members.
  15. Be prepared to give consent to have your photos and video to be used for promotional and educational purposes in all multimedia formats including online Courses.

Learn Practical and Effective Self Defence Techniques

Have confidence, sense of empowerment and respect for self and others