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Corporate Self Defence


Anne Pang Corporate Self Defence Classes

In a corporate setting, the participants will include both adult males and females. They may be trained in the same class, but preferably in separate classes. This is because male and female face different threats and dangers and are generally attacked differently. Also this may give more privacy and space to the participants of each gender.

Males are usually punched and kicked in public by strangers.

Females are usually grabbed and grappled with in private by non-strangers.

Therefore, a gender-based program may be necessary for the different needs.

Women will have the ‘Women’s Self Defence’ program as listed under the topic, with emphasis on non-stranger situations, assertiveness, setting boundaries and defences against grabs and grapples.

Men will have more practice with their physical techniques against punches and kicks and the mental focus will be de-escalation with strangers.

If however, it is not possible to hold separate classes, we can train them together in the same class and provide two instructors to separate some of the training.

Corporate Self Defence Seminars

Short informative seminars can also be hosted to give some basic boundary setting and de-escalation tactics together with some physical techniques to improve confidence.

These classes can also be an excellent way to bond the group and achieve team building. They can create an environment where colleagues know clearly what is acceptable and what is not. They will also have more assurance that once these boundaries are drawn, people are less likely to cross them or will know how to deal with situations where the lines are crossed.

Sometimes, strategies of how to make the work place safer and more comfortable for all can also be brainstormed and implemented during the Seminars.

These seminars will introduce the fundamentals of self defence and give an overview of what is possible. The knowledge and know-how will be valuable and worthwhile to all beginners. If they wish, they can always choose to continue with the training further with us later.


Learn Practical and Effective Self Defence Techniques

Have confidence, sense of empowerment and respect for self and others