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4 Levels of Self Defence

Welcome to Anne Pang Self Defence

The main objective of the Course is to cultivate in the individual the mental awareness and the effective and practical techniques of self defence in order to develop a sense of empowerment and confidence.

Level 1: Self Awareness

Strategies to use in potentially dangerous situations in the home, public, cars, public transport and with people you know are discussed. This knowledge is most valuable as you will be able to use these strategies immediately and incorporate them into your normal mode of behavior and feel more confident with your own surroundings. Numerous success stories from past students and real incidents will be shared during these discussions where participants will be able to ask questions and share some of their own. The emphasis will be on situations with non-strangers, how to keep personal safety space, setting boundaries and de-escalate. Personal alarms are also covered.

Level 2: Physical Techniques

Additional to Level 1, the basic self defence techniques, taken from Wing Chun Kung Fu which is the only style of martial arts ever developed by a female in the world, against grabs and grappling are taught and practiced. Only a few basic techniques are shown so you get a chance to practise them repeatedly until they become part of your bodily reflex. These physical techniques are designed to defend against specific attacks commonly encountered by women and they are NOT dependent on ones size, muscles or strength.

Level 3: Application of the basic techniques

Additional to Levels 1 & 2, the applications of the techniques learned in Level 2 are now practised with partners in Level 3. Different categories of common grapples are explained and repeatedly practised. The student is able to defend against a nominated grapple at this stage. Issues of how to cope with fear are also discussed here. With the newly gained physical prowess, one gains a fresh confidence and hence the physical and the mental capacities work into a positive synergy, generating empowerment and confidence

Level 4: Automatic Reaction

This is an extension of Level 3, by now the student will be able to proficiently defend herself against any grapple with her eyes CLOSED. Ground attacks and wall pins are practised. Use and defences of weapons are also discussed. Sometimes experienced male assistants are invited to the class, if the group chooses to practise the defences with them. The examination is conducted in a positive and constructive manner to add to the participant’s experience and learning. The students are able to overcome fear of the examination and cope with the tension to engender a sense of achievement within themselves that will be priceless and enormously valuable to their own empowerment and confidence.

Techniques: Palm strike, Front kick, Leopard strike, Knee strike, Back strike, Back kick, Application of defences against frontal and back attacks and ground attacks.

Theory: Home alone, Home security, safety in public, Safety on public transport, Safety in private vehicles and how to befriend Fear.

Learn Practical and Effective Self Defence Techniques

Have confidence, sense of empowerment and respect for self and others