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Since Wing Chun is one of the only two styles of Martial arts that was invented by a woman, it is no surprise that it is extremely suitbale for the female physique. Women often excel in Wing Chun, combination relaxation, coordination and technical precision.

Anne Pang competing in the Four Seasons Championship held by Zen Do Kai 1977

Anne began learning Wing Chun with Barry Pang Kung Fu and has devoted most of her life practising the art. She now holds women kung fu classes at Dandenong Snap Fitness gym every Thursday morning. There is also a mixed family class for men, women and children on Wednesday nights.

She is an assistant instructor at the Barry Pang Kung Fu School which has a long and respected standing in the martial arts fraternity in Melbourne, Australia.

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Barry Pang Kung Fu Schools were founded in 1974, teaching the art of Kung Fu, which is an umbrella term for all Chinese styles of martial arts. Training men, women and children at community halls, universities, secondary colleges and corporates for the past fifty years, it has had a profound influence and reputation amongst all communities, especially the Chinese diaspora. Hence, our sifu, Barry Pang was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1996 with Kung Fu Tribute Award and in 2023, awarded with the national Masters Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Sifu Barry Pang’s wife, Anne Pang began training Kung Fu at the Barry Pang Kung Fu Schools in 1974 and established her own system of self-defence in 1990 from her Kung Fu training.  This well-structured short course is aimed at young people and women. Anne has taught these short courses at many women organisations, charity organisation, such as Sisterworks, councils such as City of Melbourne, Boorandara and others, schools such as P.L.C. and Scotch College. Once the students finish the short courses, ranging from one workshop to eight weeks, they transition onto the long-term kung fu training at Barry Pang Kung Fu Schools.

Women training kung fu in the park 2020

This unique class is possibly the only Women Kung Fu training in Australia. It began in the park in Canterbury during Covid-19 in 2020 with a group of enthusiastic girls who had completed the Women Self Defence Course in previous years and wish to continue with their training in martial arts.

It was an illuminating way to rejuvenate the body and soul for these women to train in park surrounds and have some socialisation during the lonely and uncertain times of the pandemic. They found solace and sisterhood in caring for each other and strengthening their physical wellbeing at the same time.

"The class is a friendly and supportive environment that helps us women to improve our fitness and at the same time provides us with essential awareness and self-defence skills to increase our confidence in the society we live in."

“The class provides a warm, welcoming, safe and open space for girls and women of all ages and ability levels to make new friends, while learning new martial arts skills.”

These women are from all walks of life and are passionate about martial arts. The continued improvements in their bodily reflex and prowess keeps them dedicated to come into training week in and week out. They encourage and care for each other; they truly embrace the meaning of sisterhood.