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Children’s Self Defence

Women practicing strikes

Anne Pang Children’s Self Defence Classes

Every child has the right to feel safe and be protected. Learning how to protect themselves and be aware of the danger does not create more fear but instill in them a sense of security and confidence.

The mental awareness of what is uncomfortable and unacceptable and the recognition that they have a right to voice that feeling of unease is the first step to the prevention of violence and danger. Children will be taught to use strategies to identify danger and to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Simple and effective techniques of self defence will be taught to children as the last resort and not to be practiced against family members, friends and colleagues. These techniques will be practiced repeatedly until they become a bodily reflex.

  • The atmosphere will be fun filled to engender better learning and openness to talk about their concerns.
  • Parents are welcome to watch and participate in the classes if they wish to support their children and to learn things to practice with them.
  • Parents are also welcome to be training partners for the children as attackers, so they can get more practice with not just practitioners of their own size but adults.
  • Home practice is encouraged and parental guidance will be helpful.
  • Children will be supervised and protected during all classes for their own safety.
  • Emphasis will be on building a network of trusted people to tell about any feelings of unease about anyone in their surroundings.

Learn Practical and Effective Self Defence Techniques

Have confidence, sense of empowerment and respect for self and others